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if anyone knows an organization or a group of people who are interested in helping me, kindly get in touch with me . thank you

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Read this article

Some Organizations include

1. Test Ghana

2. Ghana Student Education Fund

3.  Ghana Scholarships

4. Scholarship Secretariat
Telephone +233 (0)302 662681

Thanks bruv. I tried all these options but none of them are viable.
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The NewYork state university has various scholarship programmes for international students. Contact their international students office for assistance.

Since I am an international student I was given 5200$ as a scholarship but the total tuition was 40,000 so with this scholarship I have to pay 34,800
Is that the whole programme fee or just the academic years fee? Honestly I have to tell you that you may probably not get a sponsor for the programme so you may have to work and pay the tution once you get to the US. Or you could reapply for a cheaper university in other parts of the world.
OK so I will be on the lookout for international scholarship for you. If I come across one, I will update this answer.

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