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Ok here we go. Right now, demand is all time low throughout the world markets. For purchasing and supply to boom, there must be high demand for a companies product or service before items and systems can be procured which is the primary function of the purchasing and supply manager.Industrialization in ghana is not that great so purchasing and supply jobs are a bit scarce for a fresh graduate.At least you will need some working experience to land a high paying purchasing and supply jobs. Lastly but very importantly, you will be restricted to NGO'S AND THE FEW INDUSTRIES OR MAYBE GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS WE HAVE AS A PURCHASING AND SUPPLY MANAGER.

Marketing on the other does not require demand to function. Infact marketers jobs are very well need when demand falls and in a country like ghana where spending is well budgeted from house to house, every single company in the country whether a small business or a multinational will require the services of a strong marketing team. Companies; both big and small spend a huge some of money on advertising and those who plan design and run adverts are MARKETERS. if YOU ASK ME TO CHOOSE BETWEEN MARKETING AND ANY PROFESSION, I WILL CERTAINLY CHOOSE MARKETING. Quasi, the thing is that in this world, it is not about the best product or service; it is about how well a company can sell a product or idea or service to people and they need marketers to make that happen. I know a lot of great men who died with brilliant ideas why? because no one knew abt it; in other words...genius is pure stupidity without marketing. if the a company were a car, the marketing will be it petrol and guess what? a car will forever need petrol but petrol can have any car!!1 good luck bro.

By the way this is just how i feel about the two programs you gave. it is again your personal decision to make. Don't just think about the money, in 50 years time would still be happy with whatever course you chose? if yes then give it a go.

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