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asked in University of Ghana
Please what is the entry requirement or cut off for choosing B.sc admin(fee paying) in main campus.
The cut-off point is 24 and you must be a business student
Do I have a high chance when I apply B.sc management education in UEW?
Pls  wat if u re not a business student but a general arts student.

2 Answers

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You will get your first choice.

Your grades are very good

And please is my chance high for that program...especially my choice and second choice
Your chances are very high since not a lot of people apply for fee paying
What is the fees for fee paying students who offer B.sc Admin main campus?
The fees are GH 3,002.00 for Accra city campus and GH 4,131.00 for Full fee-paying students.
Den how should l arrange the programs?
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Paa Kwesi, the best choice format in my opinion is this:
1. BSc. Admin (Accra city campus)  
2. Bsc Admin (distance learning programme) 
3. Bachelor of Art
Please TT can I choose the programs in this way...?
B.sc Admin.(main campus fee paying)
B.sc Admin.(Accra city campus)
Bachelor of Art.
No you should not put BSc Admin Accra city campus as second choice or you will not be considered at all for it. It is a strictly first choice programme. If you still want to use main campus then use it in this order:
1. Bsc. Admin (main campus fee-paying)
2. Bsc. Admin (distance learning programme)
3. Bachelor of Art.
OK hope I do qualify for B.sc Admin main campus fee paying right?..and is my chance is very  high?
Yes your chances are high for fee paying at main campus
Pls can u replace de b.sc Admin (distance learning education ) ..bcos I don't want distance but a regular student.
Then just make it
1. Bsc Admin (Accra city campus)
2. Bachelor of arts
3. Bachelor of arts.
TT, is my chance high for B.sc Admin city campus?
Yes it is high.
B.sc Admin in the Accra city campus and B.sc Admin in the main campus(fee paying)..which one do I have de highest chance for admission with my grades?
The fee paying one