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Am using lg optimus l5 E610.The phone supports 3g but i have tried several times to switch it on but anytime i try,the network goes off.i called the network officials but they cudnt help me out.They say the fault is from my area but i have friends who even get 4g at dat same area...plz iz there anything for me to do to switch to the 3g network...plz help

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Hey have you rooted the phone?

The issue can be that your firmware has been rooted and flashed so the 3g is not working due to the use of custom firmware.

In summary, there is something wrong with the operating system on the phone.

You can flash the phone or wipe the cache or data  on it and reset everything to manufacturers default in other to get your 3g working.

This is quite technical so let me know if you are willing to do it yourself or you  will send it to phone professionals to fix it for you.

If you can do it yourself,

I will give you the instructions

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I want to do it  by myself

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