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I want to know how the admission is done in the various schools.Is the admission process dependent on the time of submission of forms,as in whether the submission was done late or early....Infact everything it takes for admission to be complete because it seems they've kept long in admitting students and is it one person who does the admission or how many and how they choose course for applied students.I submitted my form on the 14th august 2015 and still haven't gotten any sms from the school.Ive also heard Accra poly normally do not send text but applicants can visit school regularly to check on their notice board to see if they've been admitted....How true about that,thanks for your good work
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Admissions are conducted by the admission board or commitee in the respective schools.

The time of sibmissions of your admission form does not affect whther you get admission or not.

What they use is their admission rules.

AllĀ  those who do not meet the requirements are first separated from those who meet the requirements

Then those who do not meet the respective program and departmental cu-off point are the separated.

Then those left are compared against the program qouta

if the applicants are still more than the program qouta, each individual is then checked for mistakes likes bad spelling, wrong date of birth, ect

Some programs needs interview, so these people will then have to go for interview,

If you pass then then you move to the next phase

The final applicants are then selected and given admission letters

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