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AATUF All-African Trade Union Federation
ABU African Boxing Union
ACDC Army Central Defence Committee
ACDR Association of Committees for the Defence of the Revolution
ACI African Culture Institute
ACID Amansuri Conservation and Integrated Development
ACP African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States
ACP Action Congress Party
ACP Assistant Commissioner of Police
ADB African Development Bank
ADC Agricultural Development Corporation
ADF Alliance of Democratic Forces
ADDRO Anglican Diocesan Development and Relief Organization
AEFG Aid Effectiveness Forum - Ghana
AFC Alliance for Change
AFCAS African Commission on Agricultural Statistics
AFDC Armed Forces Defence Commission
AFF African Freedom Fighters
AFRC Armed Forces Revolutionary Council
AFWC African Forestry and Wildlife Commission
AGC Ashanti (Asante) Goldfields Corporation
AGCC African Gold Coast Company
AGI Association of Ghana Industries
ALPE Alliance for Poverty Eradication
AMA Accra Metropolitan Assembly
AME African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
ANUC All Nations University College
AOMC Association of Oil Marketing Companies
APP All People's Party
APP Africa Progress Panel
APRP All People's Republican Party
APTI Association of Principals of Technical Institutions
ARI Animal Research Institute
ARPB Association of Recognized Professional Bodies
ARPS Aborigines' Rights Protection Society
ASP Assistant Superintendent of Police
AU African Union
AUC Ashesi University College
AWAM Association of West African Merchants
AYA Anlo Youth Association
AYA Anlo Youth Association
AYB African Youth Brigade
AYC Africa Youth Command

BA Bachelor for Administration
BAG Bar Association of Ghana
BARADEP Brong-Ahafo Regional Agricultural Development Program
BARDEC Brong-Ahafo Regional Development Corporation
BECE Basic Education Certificate Examination
BG Border Guards
BHC Bank for Housing Construction
B.L. Bachelor of Law Sciences
BNI Bureau of National Investigations
BoG Bank of Ghana
BSL Black Star Line
BSPS Business Sector Programme Support

C & S Cherubim and Seraphim Society
CA Constitutional Assembly
CA Consultative Assembly
CAP National Coalition Against the Privatization of Water
CAS Chief of the Air Staff
CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement
CCAF Coca Cola Africa Foundation
CCDEF Coordinating Committee of Democratic Forces
CCDF Coordinating Committee of Democratic Forces
CCE Center for Civic Education
CCG Christian Council of Ghana
CCLM Community Based Child Labour Monitoring
CDD-Ghana Center for Democratic Development, Ghana
CDR Committee for the Defence of the Revolution
CDS Chief of the Defence Staff
CECAF Fishery Committee for the Eastern Central Atlantic
CEDEP Center for the Development of People
CEPS Customs, Excise and Preventive Service
CGMC Chamber of Ghanaian Mining Concessionaires
CHPS Community-Based Health Planning and Services
CHRAJ Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice
CICOL Civil Society Coalition on Land
CID Criminal Investment Department
CILT Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
CIP Community Initiated Project
CLGSA Civil and Local Government Staff Association
CMA Christian Mothers Association
CMB Cocoa Marketing Board
CME Council of Muslim Elders
CMS Church Missionary Society
CNC Central National Committee (Ghana)
CNS Chief of the Naval Staff
CO Colonial Office
COAS Chief of the Army Staff
COCOBOD Ghana Cocoa Board
COPAL Cocoa Producers' Alliance
COSG Cross of the Order of the Star of Ghana
COV Companion of the Order of the Volta
COYA Committee on Youth Associations
CPA Community Protection Assistants
CPA Cocoa Producers Alliance
CPC Cocoa Purchasing Company
CPP Convention People's Party
CPU Community Protection Units
CRIG Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana
CSA Civil Servants Association
CSIR Council (Center) for Scientific and Industrial Research
CSU Christian Service University College
CTO Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization
CTS (West African) Command Clerks Training School
CUCG Catholic University College of Ghana
CUT Committee of Togolese Unity
CVC Citizens' Vetting Committee
CWA Catholic Women's Association
CYO Catholic Youth Organization
CYO Committee on Youth Organization

DA District Assembly
DAG Democratic Alliance of Ghana
DAO District Administrative Officer
DAPIT Development and Application of Intermediate Technology Program
DC District Commissioner
DCE District Chief Executive
DEC District Executive Committee
DFI Department of Factories Inspectorate
DFID Department for International Development
DFP Democratic Freedom Party
DIC Divestiture Implementation Committee
DMC Diamond Marketing Corporation
DOC Department of Cooperatives
DOVVSU Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit
DPP Democratic People's Party
DS District Secretary
DSW Department of Social Welfare
DUA Democrat Union of Africa
DVC Diaspora Vote Committee
DVLA Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority
DWM 31st December Women's Movement
DWP Decent Work Programme
DYLG Democratic Youth League of Ghana

EAC Economic Advisory Committee
EC Electoral Commission
ECOMOG ECOWAS Monitoring Group
ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
ECRAG Entertainment Critics and Reviewers Association of Ghana
EDP Entrepreneurship Development Program
EEC European Economic Community
EGLE Every Ghanaian Living Everywhere
EITI Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
EREDEC Eastern Regional Development Corporation
EPA Economic Partnership Agreements
ERP Economic Recovery Program
ETLS ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme

FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
FC Forestry Commission
FDB Food and Drugs Board
FDC Food Distribution Corporation
FEAC Foreign Exchange Auction Committee
FGM Female Genital Mutilation
FOD Fraternal Order of Police
FOIB Freedom of Information Bill
FORIG Forestry Research Institute of Ghana
FOREX Foreign Exchange Bureau
FPD Front for the Prevention of Dictatorship
FPIB Forest Production Inspection Bureau
FRI Food Research Institute
FSD Forest Service Division
FWSC Fair Wages and Salaries Commission
FY Federation of Youth
FYO Federated Youth Organization

GAAS Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences
GABA Ghana Amateur Boxing Association
GADL Ghana Association of Democratic Lawyers
GAF Ghana Armed Forces
GAFCSC Ghana Armed Forces Command & Staff College
GAS Ghana Academy of Sciences
GAINS Ghana Agricultural Information Network System
GAW Ghana Association of Writers
GAWU Ghana Agricultural Workers' Union
GAWW Ghanaian Association for Women's Welfare
GBA Ghana Bar Association
GBC Ghana Bauxite Company
GBC Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
GC Gold Coast
GC Grand Coalition
GCARPS Gold Coast Aborigines Rights Protection Society
GCC Gold Coast Constabulary
GCC Ghana Co-operative College
GCC Ghana Co-operative Council
GCD Ghana Consolidated Diamonds Ltd.
GCEU Gold Coast Ex-Servicemen's Union
GCFA Gold Coast Farmers' Association
GCHC Ghana Cargo Handling Company
GCMA Ghana Co-operative Marketing Association
GCP Ghana Congress Party
GCPP Great Consolidated Popular Party
GCSA Ghana Civil Servants Association
GCTUC Gold Coast Trades Union Congress
GCUC Garden City University College
GCUC Ghana Christian University College
GDM Ghana Democratic Movement
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GDRP Ghana Democratic Republican Party
GEC Ghana Enterprises Commission
GEPC Ghana Export Promotion Council
GES Ghana Education Service
GET Ghana Educational Trust
GFA Ghana Football A

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