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Pls a friend of mine said her brothers friend whom she doesn't even know claims he's fallen in love with her.They've exchanged pictures alright& they've been chatting on our social media tooo:I mean wassap ,imo & the like.The guy said he wanna spend the rest of his life with the girl.....They've even planned to meet one of these days so they could know each other well.My friend said the saith guy said he saw her picture on her brother's fone & that he liked her.She's scared and wanna know if truely can land them into marriage ,also she want know if it could be true love too or maybe the guy is just making fun of her.She said what makes her unhappy sometimes is that the guy uses different girls pictures as his wassap dp,she want yo know if the pics he'd been using as wassap dp mean nothing ...pls advise her.....

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From what you said, it seems your friend also loves this guy right? or more correctly, your friend has also developed some feelings for him?

1. Tell your friend to forget thinking about Marriage.

How can your friend think about marriage with someone who she just chats on whatsapp or social media? Can the friendship leads to marriage? Yes it can lead to marriage but that is a later issue.

2.Is the  boy telling the truth? This one no one really knows. Your friend does not know this guy and the guys does not know your friend either. They need to meet and get to know themselves more before they can find out whether they are joking or they are being serious.

3. Can it be true love? I don't know what you mean by true love but Yes it can be true Love. She needs  to meet the  guy and find out based on his actions not his words whether the guy loves her as he claims.

4.Tell your friend to stop being jealous. Is she in a relationship with the guy? Did she accept the guys love proposal on whatsapp? if she did not or has not formally accepted his proposal, what's her business getting jealous about whatsapp pictures?

Finally, just tell your friend to get real and get to know the guy better. Let her take her mind of marriage. Start by getting to know the guy for who he actually is not what he says he is. Once she gets to know the guy by frequent meetings, she will then be able to know whether the guy loves her as he claims or not. Till they have done that, no one will ever know.

I hope my words were not harsh. If they were, please tell her to forgive me as i did not mean to be. 


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