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Q - What are the requirements for visa on arrival?
Ans: Application letter from host, stating date and time of arrival, permit of Entry. No. of days to be spent, where you will lodge, date of departure, Reasons for visiting. Photocopy of the biodata page of your passport and same for your guarantor.

Q - How long does it takes to process visa on arrival?
Ans: 72 Hours.

Q - Can I apply for visa on arrival if do not have a representative in Ghana?Ans: Yes you can apply directly to the director of immigration through fax or e-mail, subject to payment of the appropriate fee on arrival.

Q - How much is the fee for visa on arrival?
Ans: Fee is US$150, subject to charge.

Q - Would I be allowed to board a flight to Ghana if I do not have a visa, since I can get a visa on arrival?
Ans: Sometimes, the airline can use their discretion in time of emergency, provided you are not a prohibited immigrant or your entry into Ghana will not be a security risk.

Q - Can my child travel with me on my visa?
Ans: Every traveler who needs a Visa to enter Ghana is supposed to have one. Parents who have their children’s names in their passports need to apply and pay the necessary fee. An indication will be made in the visa column to show that they are accompanied by 1 or 2 children.

Q - Which nationals do not require visa to enter Ghana?
Ans: Ecowas citizens and diplomatic passport holders do not require visas to Ghana. However, if you want to reside and work in Ghana, you need to abide by the rules and regulations that for doing business or residing in Ghana-check requirements for work permit.

Q - What are the requirements for a residence permit?
Ans: Corporate bodies and other institutions that wish to employ non-Ghanaians must obtain work permits from the immigration Quota Committee (M.M.of Interest ) The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) as the case may be; after which a residence permit is obtained on application to the Director of Immigration.

Q -What are the types of residence permit issued in Ghana by GIS?
Ans: The GIS issues a permit for a principal holder, a dependant permit which does not allow the person to work than a student’s permit, this allows the holder to school and employment is prohibited.

Q - Where do I get residence permit application forms?
Ans: Residence permit application forms can be obtained at the client services counter of the Ghana Immigration Service Headquarters.

Q - How much is a residence permit form?
Ans: Residence Permit forms are not sold, they are for free.

Q - How long does it take to process residence permit?
Ans: It takes three weeks to process a Residence Permit.

Q - Does my residence permit allows me to work within Ghana as a student or as a dependent?
Ans: A student or dependant Residence Permit does not allow you to work.

Q - ECOWAS protocol allows me to stay and work in Ghana which process do I go through and where?
Ans: You need to register your company and go through the necessary rules and regulations guiding business operations in the country.

Q - Can I apply for a temporal permit to take employment in Ghana?
Ans: You may be granted a temporal residence permit for 6 or 12 months depending on the type of work you will be doing.

Q - Can I extend my Visa on arrival and where?
Ans: Visas issued at our missions cannot be extended on arrival. Every Visa issued to a would be traveler is subject to the Immigration regulations of the country he or she would be travelling to. The Immigration regulations in Ghana allow you a maximum of 60days stay in the country. If you want to stay for more than the sixty days, you have to go to the Immigration office for an extension of stay.

Q - How much do I pay if I overstay my permit?
Ans: Fee for overstay is GH¢40 per month.

Q - What are the requirements for extension of visa?
Ans: You need your return ticket, one passport size photo, a letter from your guarantor in case of corporate bodies. An application form to be completed at the Immigration Office.

Q - What is the maximum number of days or months for an extension?
Ans: It depends on what you are here for, but the maximum is two extension of 3months duration.

Q - How do I apply for re-entry while in Ghana?
Ans: You have to go to the Immigration office to complete an application form with one passport size photo. In case of tourist Re-turn ticket, but in the case of corporate bodies, there should be an application form.

Q - Which type of re-entry do you have, Single or Multiple?
Ans: The Ghana Immigration Service issues both single and multiple Re-entry permits.

Q - How much is the fee for re-entry permit?
Ans: A single journey Re-entry permit attracts a fee of US$ 50 and multiple journey also attracts a fee of US$100.


Q - Who qualifies for indefinite Residence status?
1. Has resided in Ghana throughout the period of twelve months immediately preceding the date of application.
2. Has during the seven years immediately preceding the period amounting in the aggregate to not less than five years.
3. Is of good character as attested to in writing by two Ghanaians who are notary publics, lawyers, senior public officers or any other class of persons approved of by the Minister.
4. Has not been sentenced to a period of imprisonment of twelve months of more.
5. Has made or is in the opinion of the Minister capable of making a substantial contribution to development of Ghana.
6. Intends to reside permanently in Ghana upon the grant of the status and possesses a valid residence permit on the date of his application.

Q - What is the Administrative Requirement of Indefinite Residence status?
1. Application form
2. Two (2) current passport-size photographs
3. Application letter from sponsor
4. Attestation letter by two (2) Ghanaian character referees
5. Photocopy of applicant’s passport (Bio-data and current residence permit pages)
6. Evidence of immovable properties (Indenture, Site plan etc. where applicable)
7. Company’s documents (Company’s code, Current Audited Account, SSNIT returns of
8. Ghanaian employees, Tax clearance)
9. Evidence of Social and Economic Contributions (Donations, Charity work etc. where

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