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To do a fair analysis, we used international standards to determine job opportunities for business administration. so the figures are in dollars and this analysis is true throughout the world.


Considering a degree in Business Administration but not sure what career opportunities await? The Business major can lead to jobs in multiple sectors, including retail, education, government and private business. Important skills, such as clear communication, decision making and organization, can set the cornerstone for a successful business career and higher salary. Here you will find a list of popular career choices for a degree in Business Administration.

Accountant – An accountant is a person who is in charge of maintaining, editing and reporting private or public financial records in accordance with governmental regulations. Average Salary: $37,335 – $51,137

Accounts Payable Professional – An accounts payable professional maintains businesses liabilities (bills), keeps track of important information, such as when they are paid, determines new payables, and administers expense accounts. Average Salary: $26,439 – $35,862

Accounts Receivable Clerk – An accounts receivable clerk is responsible for performing a variety of tasks including a strict record keeping of accounts receivable for a business, preparing invoices and bills and handling expenses and client inquiries. Average Salary: $25,504 – $35,006

Acquisitions Tax Manager – An acquisitions tax manager is a higher level of the accounting team who is responsible for taxes of property acquisitions management during company purchases. Average Salary: $105,000 – $115,000

Agency Underwriter – An agency underwriter serves as a commercial insurance products retailer who also provides insurance policies and coverage for small or medium sized businesses. Average Salary: $43,490 – $76,700

Appraiser – An appraiser is a real-estate professional trained in providing a property’s (home or business) estimated value. Average Salary: $37,935 – $48,415

Bank Compliance Officer – A bank compliance officer keeps track of all accounting, lending and investments made within a bank according to federal regulations. Average Salary: $60,834 – $94,665

Banker – A banker is responsible for monitoring financial activities, establishing positive customer relations and dealing with private and corporate customers in retail or commercial banking offices. Average Salary: $29,736 – $42,969

Benefits Administrator – Benefits administrators work in human resources and are responsible for maintaining employee benefits and all associated benefit documentation while providing information and advice on coverage eligibility and employee coverage options and compensation programs. Average Salary: $35,807 – $46,597

Billing Clerk – Billing clerks work in private or commercial businesses and keep track of how much money customers owe a business, then calculate and prepare the customers’ bills. Average Salary: $24,955 – $35,211

Biomedical Technician – A biomedical technician, or medical repairer, works to repair various medical equipment such as defibrillators, heart monitors, electric wheelchairs and ventilators. Average Salary: $46,069 – $57,253

Bookkeeper – Bookkeepers maintain financial records, typically in the form of ledgers for a business, and perform basic accounting tasks. Average Salary: $32,853 – $42,664

Budget Analyst – Budget analysts work with organizations to create, analyze and execute business budgets for private, government or nonprofit businesses. Average Salary: $42,860 – $55,079

Business Risk Consultant – A business risk consultant is a professional who determines possible problems a business may have, potential financial losses or corporate threats within a company. Average Salary: $64,000 – $95,000

Casino Gaming Manager – A casino gaming manager maintains all gaming operations and the planning and coordinating of all games played within the casino. Average Salary: $38,028 – $61,636

Certified Financial Planner – Certified financial planners work with clients to determine how they can meet lifelong financial goals through various management techniques. Average Salary: $40,999 – $61,431

Chief Financial Officer – The chief administrative officer leads an organization and must oversee various operations including finance, manufacturing, research and development, marketing and property management. Average Salary: $73,252 – $183,427

Chief Lending Officer – Chief lending officers supervise bank, savings institutions or credit unions staff members and develop loans. Average Salary: $75,000 – $107,000

Chief Technology Officer – A chief technology officer focuses on technological problems, research and development tactics, and the creation of long- term goals through capital transformation. Average Salary: $170,885 – $259,414

Claims Assistant – A claims assistant reviews and edits claims filed for employees under workers compensation and provides clerical services to risk analysts’ claims. Average Salary: $24,000 – $36,000

Clerical Aide – Clerical aides perform multiple office tasks such scheduling appointments and managing budgets and financial records. Average Salary: $18,560 – $22,270

Commercial Lender – A commercial lender issues business loans that may involve real estate, non-confirming assets or other sources of security backed up by collateral. Average Salary: $57,328 – $73,912

Commercial Loan Processor – A commercial loan processor is responsible for processing commercial loan applications and obtaining the necessary requirements and information for the application to be approved. Average Salary: $29,222 – $41,281

Compliance Analyst – Compliance analysts work to make sure businesses actions meet certain standards as well as federal regulations and laws. Average Salary: $41,386 – $63,846

Compliance Specialist – Compliance specialists analyze the legality of certain business operations and provide duties such as planning audits and leading in law-related matters. Average Salary: $50,562 – $67,960

Computer Office Technician – Computer office technicians maintain, install and repair office computer systems. Average Salary: $28,030 – $34,970

Construction Administrator – A construction administrator maintains paperwork associated with construction jobs or projects. Average Salary: $36,044 – $51,336

Construction Manager – Construction managers plan, develop and coordinate construction projects: including commercial, residential and industrial projects. Average Salary: $56,083 – $104,108

Contract Lawyer – A contract lawyer works on various legal cases on a temporary or contract basis. Average Salary: $67,000 – $74,000

Contract Negotiator – A contract negotiator is the middleman between two organizations, helping them reach positive outcomes. Average Salary: $50,057 – $84,617

Corporate Auditor – Corporate auditors are responsible for a company’s tax, accounting and auditing activities as well as maintaining public records. Average Salary: $42,520 – $71,960

Corporate Development Manager – A corporate development manager develops strategies and determines profitable acquisitions for a company. Average Salary: $81,359 – $114,331

Corporate Travel Manager – A corporate travel manager is the head of a businesses travel department who manages and arranges a businesses employee travel plans. Average Salary: $61,358 – $102,876

Court Clerk – Court clerks are responsible for clerical work in a city, state or federal court system. Average Salary: $27,777 – $42

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