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legon accomodation is very simple and easy process compared to other universities.In legon, where a student resides is his or her decision. If you just got admitted, try and apply for a residences online if you have been trying to do so already without success, pls don't waste time sitting in the house just rush to the school. if you come to the school, go to the ICT DEPARTMENT. Ask if you don't know where it is. There are several offices including residencial appilication problems office. Because everything in legon is online, the system can jam up but if you come to the ICT department, they can actually manually register you or apply for hall for you online so that you can pay for it immediately. When you come to the ICT department and you are feeling shy to look around and enter offices, pls say you are looking for Mr Patrick's office. To be on the safe side or to speed up the process, You can bring someone who is old and command respect, any of your parent or any grownup you can get. When you get to the office, tell them that you have been trying to apply for accommodation online but the system is always jamming up so pls they should help you. When they tell you to wait, wait for them. Tell them you don't stay in Accra if you realize that time is not on your side. REMEMBER TO BE POLITE AND RESPECTFUL. This is how things happen in legon. good luck and let me know if i helped.

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