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The Higher National Diploma (HND) is a vocational qualification, which is relevant to higher technician or middle management jobs and which emphasises practical approaches to learning, including project and assignment work, team and group work, and research into real business practice.

HND - The associated advantages
The HND course is associated with numerous advantages that generally make it an attractive option for many students. These advantages are listed below:

The HND safety net - Rather than going straight onto a course students often choose to complete a HND course first. The advantage of this is that if you went straight into a degree course and were unsuccessful you would leave without any . However, successfully completing a HND course first will ensure that you have a qualification to fall back on.
Experience &amp; familiarity - Successfully completing a HND course before undertaking a degree means that you will already have two years experience of life. Also you will have an excellent familiarity of your University in terms of resources, and other students. In your two years of study you will have also become more confident and comfortable with your chosen subject, and consequently developed an interest for further study.
HND courses are Vocational - The HND course that you have decided to undertake will undoubtedly be geared towards the occupation that you wish to do subsequent to studying at University.
Key skills - The units of which the HND course is comprised cover all the key skills that you will need when you eventually look for work. Namely working as an individual, working within a team environment as well as completing both written and oral . 

Higher national diploma is used to gain admission into universities and is considered equal to the 2nd year of a 3 year university degree program. Advanced diploma on the other hand, is an academic degree equal to Bachelor given by the university.

A university diploma, on the other hand, is a document testifying to the completion of a course of study. Any graduate, whether of a university, a high school, or a six-week course in Chinese, will receive a diploma. so university diploma's just testifies that you have completed a certain course. it is not an award to the completion of a program like the HND.

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