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Back before 2004, All the secondary schools in Ghana admitted students individually.
Back then after getting your BECE results, you then visit the schools of your choices
and then you inquire how to get admission. This system was good but it had several flaws
such us there were too many protocol admissions and also cheating since even if you do not
qualify, you can still get admission if you know someone in the school of your choice or
if you could pay your way out. The Ghana education Service then came up with the Computerized
School Selection program which drastically reduced all the above mentioned flaws and many
other annoying things that were associated with admissions into secondary schools

last year also, if you wanted to go a nursing training school,you had to select which school you
wanted and then what course. After deciding, you then apply to the school yourself with
your wassce or whatever qualification you have and then you pray that you got admitted.
lets assume that 2000 people applied to Koforidua nursing training college which has a capacity
of say 1000, and then 1500 people applied to kintampo community health college which has a
capacity of say 3000, there will be 500 candidates rejected by koforidua due to their
limited capacity while kintampo nursing training will be short of 1500 students. This situation
is very unfortunate and very frustrating. IT Costs the students that were rejected, it cost
the schools and it cost the nation as a whole. Besides protocol admission can be massive
since all the school authorities from all the schools will have their own protocol list.
Considering all this issues and many more i did not mention, The ministry of health have
decided to centralize admission to all health training institutions. Now instead of all
the nursing and any health related schools selling different admission forms, they will all
be selling the same admission forms with the same requirements for admission. To make the
process faster and efficient, the ministry of health has decide to make the applications
online for easy processing.

So what is going to happen is simply this. You go to a regional
post office or one of the health training schools, buy your scratch card and then you visit
the website that will be given to you on the card that you bought. Just follow the instructions
on the website and then fill the forms.If You have any difficulties with that, you can always
ask for help. I have not been able to login into the system but i believe you will have to provide
your basic information, passport picture and documents like birth certificates and maybe your
wassce certificates. If they ask for any of these, for example passport picture, just take
a passport picture take it to a cafe so that they will scan the picture and put it onto
a pen drive for you so that you can upload it. You will do the same for all the documents
they might ask for. You visit the cafe, tell whoever is there that you want to scan your
picture or certificate or ect,.... and the they will do it put it on a pendrive and the you upload.

You might be asked to select at least two programs that you might want to do in other
of importance. FOR EXAMPLE lets say you want to do nursing but if you don't get nursing
they should give you medical assistant or something of your choice.This means that if you apply for a course that is offered in say five different nursing schools, you might get admission to any of the five schools. This system increases your chances of getting admission even more.

Also the course you will select might determine which schools you might get. Some schools
offer some programs that other schools do not offer. So please friends, and love ones, do not be
scared or overwhelmed by all this changes in the health sector. I Believe that they are for your own good.

Now people are still confused about the nursing training allowances. The nursing training
allowance is still effective. The governmnent is still paying nursing trainees allowances
to motivate them for the program. There are rumors about cancellation of allowances on the
media recently but that was for the teacher training colleges. The teacher training colleges
allowance was cancelled by the government, but the nursing trainees allowances are still

Also others are asking whether there will be interview or not. The truth is we are not quite
sure of that but my personal advice to you all is that just prepare for the interview in
case there will be one. We are trying to verify with the schools and also the ministry of
health whether there will be interviews. As always, we will let you know when find the truth.

Finally Waec said last month that they will release the wassce certs this month so check with your waec on 0302-685901- 4 to verify if they have sent your schools own

I have been typing for quite a while. I WILL STOP HERE AND WISH YOU ALL THE BEST OF LCUK
even though you might not need it.I have tried my best to explain but in case you are still
confused, pls do not be shy to ask again and again.

Now to all the future health workers, Go out there and finish the application like a BOSS!!!

from AMfree with love.

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