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dis mi qstion

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Talking about B. Ed and BSc,, BSc is Bachelor of science in the college of science and have several field of studies concern with or link to science. And B. Ed is bachelor of Education in courses at the faculty of Education. Concerning job security, they all have job oportunities assured. At UCC,, Bachelor of commerce have cut-off points being single aggregates; 8 or 9 B.Sc Maths wth Economics and B.Sc Math wth business mostly have same cut-off points of 13/12. But ur aggregate 15 is not that far from 13/12 Therefore,, I'll advise u to select any of the above two as second choice follow by the other as third choice according to ur preference. Then B. Ed (Management) as first choice. And u are going to get admitted into ur first choice.

tnx oo u ar the ppl helping me to choose best o mi future God bless u ...so plz  if i can as dis question if it were to be u and u v gt dis grade, wat will be ur plans thus is e school u will choose,e course nd hw u will arranged it base on choise .....can u help me dis one too thank u ....