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What career(job opportunities) do i have if i offer mathematics with econs.and plz what do we mean by fee paying student

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"Fee Paying"  means you will be paying tuition fees. Normal students do not pay tuition fees. The government pay tuition for them. Also a fee paying student can apply for any course with at most six passes in his or her wassce.

Careers that often interest BSC Mathematics with Economics  include:
Bank Officer
Budget Analyst
Credit Analyst
Foreign Service Officer
Financial Analyst
International Trade Specialist
Investment Banker
Technical Writer

3. What skills are developed within this major?

Skills developed within this major include: Persistence; Patience; Logical manner of thinking; Strong problem solving skills; Creativity; Comfort with abstract concepts; Analytical skills; Recognition of patterns and hidden similarities within groups of data; Enthusiasm for the subject; and independent thinking.

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