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yes,i guess he can.yes when i was 11 i had some weird dead guy playing with my hair and followed me around and moaning at nights (it wasn't my parents lol) and footsteps in the halls..and a little girl in the kitchen that was invisible sang and the scary thing is..I didn't have any sisters just a big brother and he was 17! i was scared for life and now hes playing with my hair and moaning and..Im home alone.I'm serious!!

i suggest you do the same as i described above. This a demon don't play with them, they want to kill you.
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Yes he can he is a spirit being and there is no distance in the Spirit realm.

There are two kinds of spiritual beings(excluding God and man): angels and demons.

It is obvious from the behaviour you have described above that that boy is not an angel and therefore is most likely a demon. Because dead people either go to heaven or hell when they die, they don't stay on the the earth for long.

You need a human body to function on the earth,that's why both God and the Devil work through human beings e.g jujumen and pastors.

So since you say you are a Christian, then you have authority to bind any spirit that is worrying you.

Just say " In the Name Jesus, I bind you and i command you to go from here and never return"

It cannot say no. Don't be afraid.

The only requirement for this to work is that you are a true born again Christian.

And all you have to do is say "Jesus you are the Lord of my life and i believe that you died for me and rose again. Come into my heart. I am born again. A child of God. Amen"

Then ask Holy Spirit to come and live in you.

Then command the boy to leave you.

If you need more help visit a Bible and Miracle believing Church like Christ Embassy

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