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I don't see a problem with it... My brother went through a goth period, died his hair black, had his lip pierced, wore black work shirts with an anarchy sign on the pocket, black work pants, and boots. We're Catholic.
Like you said, it's just a look. What a person decides to wear doesn't necessarily define who they are, or what they believe.
Just because you're a Christian doesn't mean you have to wear your Sunday best everywhere you go.
Last time I checked it was what was in your heart that matters to God, not what you so choose to wear.

Imagine a business man in a lab coat? You're like, "what's wrong with you?", right? It is the same thing with Christianity. There are ethics in which ever field you find yourself. As Christians, we are to represent Christ where ever we are. That is why the bible says we should let our light shine before men that they may see the GOOD works in us and glorify our father in Heaven. Does this dressing glorify God? Which people normally dress this way? If you begin to ask yourself these questions, you'll realize that this kind of dressing is portrayed by rappers, street boys, basically, American bad boy culture. So should we do what the unbelievers do?
There is one thing the devil is good at - re-branding evil into God. In the bible, he did that with an apple. In our days, these things are what he is using to get us off track. One of the fruits of the spirit is gentility. Does goth dressing portray gentility? I don't think so. Let us all be careful
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Absolutely NOT! Respectable and godly appearance is as important to the profession of one's faith in Christ as what they say. People believe what you do as much as what you say-- so if a Christian dresses in a way that is dark and foreboding-- how does that represent Christ?

To be Christian is to be Christ-like. Christ would not/did not dress Himself in dark, foreboding clothes. Likewise, if a woman dresses in skimpy clothes that shows off her body, she should expect that people will be more interested in her sexuality than her values and opinions. How you dress speaks loudly about your values.
If a man is unkempt in his appearance, that speaks poorly of Christ-- was Jesus a lowly beggar or someone who did not care to groom Himself? Was He depressed or down-and-out? No! As a Christian we represent Christ in our appearances as well.

Lastly, if a Christian worked at a corporate job and was asked to represent the company to a client, would that person dress in a "wife-beater" shirt and torn jeans sagging off his behind? No! That person would respect the employer and the image of the company enough to dress with a decency that does not draw undue attention to himself for his chosen style-- but rather, would dress to be appropriate so that the message/business of his employer remains the focus. Any person touting the name of Jesus as a Christian will likewise dress tastefully so as to not draw undue attention to himself/herself, but so that the message of Christ may be proclaimed (verbally or through one's life style) without the distraction of what he/she is wearing.

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If you like the fashion, go for it. You'll get looks, possibly some remarks, but that's okay. You can be a Christian and dress goth.

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