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Lets face facts, you are going to do whatever you want to do despite what we adivse or what God might think.

Did you ever read this in the Bible....

18 “Everyone that divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he that marries a woman divorced from a husband commits adultery. Luke 16:16

9 Therefore what God yoked together let no man put apart.” 10 When again in the house the disciples began to question him concerning this. 11 And he said to them: “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her, 12 and if ever a woman, after divorcing her husband, marries another, she commits adultery.” Mark 10: 9-12

31 “Moreover it was said, ‘Whoever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of divorce.’ 32 However, I say to YOU that everyone divorcing his wife, except on account of fornication, makes her a subject for adultery, and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery. Matthew 5:31-32

i dont know if am late but its better late than never. please before you take any decision read this and meditate on it carefully. i wont tell you whether its ok in the eyes of God or not but you have to judge for yourself. the bible said the only thing that can separate marriage is when one defiles the matrimonial bed. the revelation behind this is that the vows you exchange at church or at the engagement ceremony doesnot mean you have married unless after you have climb the matrimonial bed after the oficial marriage ceremony. the intercourse that takes place joins you together spiritually and what we call soul tie is formed. it is a convenant witnessed by spirit beings and God sees both of you as one. no amount of fasting and prayers can break the marriage covenant except another covenant of the same kind. now if what caused your divorce was as a result to one person defiling the matrimonial bed then that covenant that existed between both of you have been broken and you can go ahead and marry that is if you didnot defile it. but if what caused the divorce is not one person defiling the matrimonial bed then if you marry again you have committed and adultery  and according this scripture Hebrews 13:4 1corinthians6:9 you can judge for yourself if its ok in God's eyes
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