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If you believe that Jesus was the son of God and that faith in him is required for salvation, then you are a Christian.

Basically, if you think Jesus was more than just some guy, you are a Christian.

If you do not believe that, and do not believe in the Bible, then why do you think the God you believe in is the "Christian" God? Lots of other religions believe in a God.

You might look into being a Quaker, or Unitarian Universalist.

You might even be "New Age".

Heck, you could even be Wicca or Taoist.

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I am not sure. For me, it is obvious that life evolves, and that the Biblical creation account is a myth. This has more to do with scientific evidence than with belief. Do you agree with this?

Based on this, you may just consider that what is exposed in the Bible does not exactly reflect the truth. But defining your religion would depend on what you exactly believe, not what you don't believe. What do you mean exactly when you say that you believe in the Christian God? Is this more a kind of abstract God or more a personal God with whom communication is possible? Most of what defines the Christian God is said in the Bible: so if you don't believe everything in the the Bible, which part do you think applies?

What is your position about Jesus Christ? Your relation to Jesus Christ would sort out if you are a Christian or not.

And why do you want to give your religion a name anyway?

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I believe you do not know what you are talking about. how there be evolution if something was not there. if that thing was there how can it be there if it was not created. that was just by the way, do yourself this very precious good and give your life to Christ. whether you believe or not the bible is the word of God. you cannot believe someone and not believe his words. believe it or not the bible is the word of God. if you believe that JESUS( who is the word according to John 1) is the son of God and confess that he is Lord you will be saved. so my dear stop deceiving yourself about your idealogy of naming your religion.

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