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getting back after a long while I'm still looking for the true ghana related topics. There are few changes. I wonder, how many (%) of the ghanaic country folks actually can access this forum by the means of internet. Surely a minority. Some educated eggheads or thrown away orphans as me surely can. Or gov sponsored brains with flatrate access. But the general folks surely have essential problems to solve. Regret, but I ask me this question since longer. My students today had little or no questions, so I ask them mine next week. Or: perhaps people here have some questions. Where is the daily life? Where is the future business? Where is the love attraction? Where is the world and peace office? Where is the lost and found space? Where is the overseas friends place? Where is the second hand car market? And so on. We can easily produce 1.000 questions in one day. The True Ghana. And so on.

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