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Dear West,

I have been wondering whether it is naivety or complete ignorance that has necessitated such unnecessary reactions from you and other people who are supposed to know better that Africa is not a country.

For a couple of months now and since the Ebola scare could virtually be read on every lip across the globe, I've been following proceedings from the bench and believe you me; there could not be any better time to hit the nail right on the head than at this very moment.

Now, allow the writer of this letter to arouse your interest and if you find it boring to read, then you can ask the western countries why even in the 21st Century; their ignorance seems not to fade away.

Now, my real concern is regarding the misconceptions, biased perceptions, prejudices and the unfathomable influence of western powers on Africa.

It all began with the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron heaping coals on the head of our late President, John Evans Atta Mills to legalize homosexuality or else face some sanctions.

I must however commend the late President for stamping his feet on the ground and refusing to boot-lick to the western giant.

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Since the Ebola virus was pumped into the heart of countries such as Sierra Leone, Liberia and our sister country - Nigeria; again I've been wondering if the disease is indeed a human disease or one of those fictitious excuses given by western forces to sideline Africa.

Thousands of people have died as a result of the Ebola virus and thousands are left at the mercy of the Almighty God to determine their fate.

A deluge of Ebola cases have darkened the continent and cries of families are inevitable. Ebola, of course, is the only disease that does not even give peace to the dead.

In the wake of the Ebola epidemic, there have been media and medical reports indicating that the disease is/was incurable but not until the disease meandered its way into the immune system of few American medical practitioners attending to patients in Liberia. They were said to have survived the disease.

Then what were the headlines; "Two US Aid Workers Improving After Taking Ebola Experimental Drug", "Ebola Doctor Reveals How Infected Americans Were Cured"; just to mention a few.

These headlines were to attest to the fact that there suddenly has arrived a ‘magical medicine’ which could cure Ebola, yet affected patients in Ebola-prone countries in Africa keep taking turns in the grave.

Of course, several arguments have been made with concerned citizens raising eyebrows over the unwillingness of foreign medical practitioners who made this overwhelming discovery to quickly transport the medicines to Ebola victims in Africa.

Yeah, two Americans are still living. Glory Be to God!

Recently, a Liberian Ebola victim flown to the United States, Texas hospital to be specific, died days after he was quarantined and due for critical medical attention. I guess the medicine probably failed to effect changes in the human system because maybe it's not yet compatible with a dark skin.

Though it’s an indisputable fact that the disease has courted controversy worldwide, it still doesn't merit the kind of unnecessary criticisms from these acclaimed super powers.

There have been some propositions for US to ban flights from Africa as a result of the Ebola Scare. Is this not pretty ridiculous? Ban flights from Africa!!

CNN, in her bid to investigate the impact of the disease from different perspectives, entered into a moment of discussion to either support or discount the idea of no-flight zone on the African continent.

Donald J. Trump, an esteemed American business tycoon and a billionaire also hit his twitter handle to slam the US President, Barack Hussein Obama, for dragging his feet and hesitating to ban flights from West Africa.

He gladly labeled his President as "stupid and terrible" for simply not disallowing people to fly from West Africa. Obviously, all Africans have suddenly become a major threat and so should not be allowed to enter the US even if on business trip or to catch some fun.

“Obama, stop the flights to and from West Africa NOW - before it is too late! Can't you see what's happening? Can you be that thick (stupid)?

“...What the hell is Obama doing in allowing all of these potentially very sick people to continue entering the US? Is he stupid or arrogant?” Donald J. Trump questioned in his tweets.

To set the record straight, first of all, Africans are not sick people. Second of all, Africa is not a country but a continent.

The fact that there have been recorded cases of Ebola in some countries does not mean Africans taste and eat Ebola.

Dear Donald Trump, you are supposed to know better that there are 54 countries in Africa(according to a UN report) and you can't be so naive to think that all the countries are Ebola-stricken.

Just a fraction cannot mean a whole! Again, if you were humane enough, you wouldn't offend the sensibilities of families who have lost their relatives via this disease which is still a mystery to the world.

At least, the best you could do is to think about how possible you and your country can fly medicines down to the countries struggling with Ebola to help curb the situation.

You may have experts to treat Ebola but you can't assume the disease originated from Africa.

I therefore insist that western countries should stop pointing fingers at West Africa but rather make it their topmost priority to cure Ebola patients in the affected countries. They also deserve to enjoy life like the two doctors you claim had Ebola and have been cured.

I should however commend President Barak Obama for his hesitation to ban flights from Africa.

Nonetheless, Human life should not be toyed with. Note that; "one good turn deserves another."

Your maker has done you a great favour by sparing your lives; Africa deserves your help, not rebuke.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully
Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi

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