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I have realise that i will be good if i am able to sit up and study. But the truth is that i find it boring studying seriously for long. I am writting exams come March 2015, But I can`t sit to learn longer as i should do. I dont know how to learn in the night as some people do. Please i need a way(best one) which will help me to be able to study. *I have joined a study group, But due to the situation in our area ,Suhum( Prone to killings), It is not effective. So to protect my life, I want to learn by myself to prevent any danger. i need your help thanks. This has solved many problems for me.... I love you guys... Can i contribute by answering some questions which i answers to?

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oseidua plz whatsapp me i have somting to tell you.    
thanks you Will hear from me
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Osei, everyone on the website can answer any question so far as they know the answer. Please if you come across any question, kindly answer it if you happen to know the answer. Thanks.

To answer your question,

Osei, there are two types of students in Ghana. We have the literate student and the educated student. A literate student is someone who knows what he has been taught by his or her teachers and can produce the same information whenever he or she is asked. An educated student is someone who has learned how to think for himself by using the knowledge from his teachers as the basis of his or her thoughts.

In ghana, we do not appreciate educated students. We appreciate literate students and these students mostly knows how to pass exams. In ghana, we only know who was first or last in class. Literate students mostly do very well in the classroom and exams but they fail in life as human beings 90% of the time. You should concentrate on educating yourself and seeking knowledge. The best student is someone who is educated and literate.

How to be able to study often?

Learning like any life activity is motivated. Think of what you enjoy doing in your life. Why do you enjoy doing that particular thing? if you like listening to music, ask yourself why you enjoy  the music. Does the music make you happy?, does it give you energy?

In order to be able to study often, you MUST ENJOY STUDYING AND ALSO LOVE KNOWLEDGE. Effective education and learning is based on interest. If you are interested in what your learning, you will like to learn more often. Ask yourself this question, would you ever study if there was no school? would you solve a maths problem if there was no school?

The only way to be able to study often and love education is to learn the reasons why we must learn. This whole world contains so many information. We humans need information every single second to be able to live. To improve our lives, we need more and more information. Knowledge is the basis of all success and failures. Your current life is based on what you have learned so far from birth. To fail or to succeed in every activity is based on how much you know or do not know. In our world, we have so many teachers. Our friends, family, religious leaders, books, videos, music, school. These are our teachers. They give us new information everyday. In this world, YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO BE IGNORANT. How much you know is how much you are worth. People have sat down and gathered most of these worlds knowledge in books, videos, musics etc. These books include our text books and other materials. If you understand why we must learn, why we must go to school, why we must educate ourselves, then you will come to appreciate and love learning.

If you come to understand the importance of knowledge which leads to wisdom, then you will know that learning is very good for you and everyone around you. Make education personal. If you learn because of exams  or class text, then you are wasting your time and do not understand the meaning of education.From today, start seeking knowledge. Start asking why we are here in this world. Start asking why we do not see the sun after six pm. Start asking why we cannot fly and discover a new world of knowledge, fulfillment and wisdom.

About Passing Exams.

Learning takes place in school. Learning in school has been institutionalized so there are rules and regulations. In other for the school system to judge whether they are imparting knowledge to students or not, they conduct exams. The exams are based on what the syllabus of the school contains per a certain period. Passing exams is a different skills that a student must learn. 

How to acquire the skills to pass any exams.

Almost every exam question has been asked before. Solve as many past questions as you can for any given exams.

In every Subject, there are topics that are almost always constant. Learn and master these topics. Example. In any english exams, there is always an essay so you MUST learn how to write essays. In essays, there are Formal, informal and semi formal types of essays. You must master at least one type of essay and at most two. You can master how to write any formal letter or how to write any informal letter. Master one or both.

Write boldly and clearly in all your papers. If your hand writing is bad, change it and write clearly.

In every subject, select topics that you are very good at and master them. DO NOT TRY TO LEARN ALL THE TOPICS IN EVERY SUBJECT. DO NOT TRY TO COMPLETE THE SYLLABUS!

For subjects involving calculations, choose topics that your are very good at and also topics that normally comes in past questions and master the formula in them. Learn how to deduce all your favorite formlas. Learn the theory behind the formulas in the selected topics.

Set a time table for yourself and try to follow it strictly. Do not learn according to how others learn. Know yourself. If you can't stay up at night to study, just sleep and learn in the daytime or any convenient time.


A lot of students fail exams because they do not finish answering the required questions before the time to stop work.

To fix the time issue, solve every past question with time. Time yourself whenever you are solving a past question in any subject.

Never ever write any exams with fear. If you fear a certain exams, you will probably fail.

Before you write any exams, have good sleep, relax, be confident and fearless. 

If you read this and you take even 50% of the advice, you will never have to worry about exams again!

Merry Xmas,


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Amfree Happy New Year.....I thank u for the advice i will make sure i follow it.