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How can i stop the response "unfortunately,the process has stopped" from appearing on my samsung galaxy s3.
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How to fix " Unfortunately the process has stopped " issue

 #1:- By clearing the data

Surfing internet we could find that many people recommend to do a data clear to resolve this issue. In your android smartphone, it is very easy to clear data. For clearing data,

  • Go to Settings
  • Application Manager
  • Choose All Application
  • Below Contacts Storage choose “Clear all data”.
  • Now Restart your device

The above steps have slight changes from mobile to mobile. Try to find out the similar steps in your mobile yourself.

#2:- Resetting your device

You can also try a factory reset of your mobile phone to resolve this. Do factory reset only if the first method didn’t worked for you. For performing a factory reset,

  • Go to Settings
  • Backup & reset
  • factory Reset

Doing a factory reset will delete all of your data and applications. So be careful to do a backup if you are proceeding with this step.

#3: Changing the OS

This is recommended to those are facing Unfortunately the process has stopped message after updating their device or changing the static os to a custom version. In market there are hundreds of beautiful Custom ROM available. Most of them are created by geeks who have no connection with official android developers. This may result in slight errors to the Operating System code. So if some one installs it, there will be these kind of basic issues. So we recommend to change the os again to another customized version or to the official android version.

If any of the solutions mentioned above worked for you, please comment below. Your comments are our boosters to go ahead. You are also welcome to write to us if it doesn’t works. Don’t forget to share and encourage us.