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The right half of my laptop screen will intermittently go black. Sometimes, instead of black it will show random vertical colored lines.
It goes black randomly, without anything on the laptop being touched, and starts working again the same way.
Even when the screen is working, one thin vertical colored line remains in the middle at the dividing line between the working half and the half with problems.
While the screen is half black, I can still operate the cursor on that half, but I can't see what I'm doing.
Laptop is two years old. Thank you for your time.

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You have a bad grapics card in the laptop or he connections to the screen on your laptop came loose.
It happens dells are famous for bad or corupt displays try to hook it up to an external monitor if ya can.
if image on monotor is good ya got a screen malfunctioning in the laptop . dells are famouss for heat problems with there laptops.

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Same issue. Dell Inspiron 1545. Right half of screen white with colored vertical streaks.
Followed advice:
1. Remove the LCD
- Pull off the 6 feet around the screen.
- Remove the screws behind them with 3mm jewel cross tip screw driver
- Carefully pry off bezel with a small flat tip screwdriver (used 3mm). Pressing gently toward the center of the screen helps unlock the plastic latches. Working your way around it. The bottom is trickey, so do it slowly. The bottom requires working the flat tip screwdriver slowly across the entire surface of the bezel.
- Once the bezel is removed there are simply 4 screws on the left and 4 more on the right of the LCD to remove. Pull out screen carefully.
- Original auther suggested "start stacking bits of tape on the spot where pressure seems to work best."
- I cut a 1/4th of a piece of 8-1/2 x 11 paper, folded it 4 times, and inserted it between the green PCB and the translucent plastic protection covering the entire PCB. I did this directly behind the location where the ribbon cable connectes into the PCB assembly. This applied enough pressure to keep whatever was loose connected.

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