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I came home from work and tried to boot my hp pavillion goes for a second then this comes on. i have never added anything to my laptop. just did it. i tried removing the wireless card boots up...but now shows a blue screen giving a dumping memory error...i put the wireless card back in...and i get the first error message

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The problem is caused by a card that is either not built for the machine or is corrupt. This is not a driver issue as this message comes up in the POST (Power On Self Test) this is before any driver is loaded. The reason that this happens when a network card is replaced is because HP/Compaq laptops have a whitelist of allowed cards built into the bios. If the cards vendor and device id don't match one on the list they don't allow you to run it. This is simply so you have to line the pockets of HP spare parts for somthing 10 times more than what it is worth. The only solution is to flash your bios with a modified one to remove the white list. This is a very risky operation and could brick your machine. If your getting this error and have not changed your card the likely reason is corrupt card or the bios has somhow become corrupt. Good luck on this issue.

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This is a driver glitch. Physical memory dump error means that a driver or program has overstepped it's boundries. Since there is a wireless issue, we're going to assume that the wireless card is the problem. Uninstall the wireless drivers from the device manager, then reboot. The machine will find the wireless card and reinstall the drivers. If this is an external or bus slot wireless card, universal or cell provider card that is not built into the machine, then you will need to uninstall the software that controls the card, then reboot and reinstall the software.

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