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This is driving me crazy, and I'm almost giving up on my Toshiba.... I have tried a New battery and a New AC Adapter already... it got fixed for a few days, then the problem comes again.
I've noticed that if my battery is low, like 20% or less, connecting AC adapter results in 10 seconds or so of "plugged in, charging", and then, not charging.  I disconnect and connect, same results.  Remove battery and install again, it works for a little while, then it fails again. If I close the laptop, it will charge battery. If I open and use an application,  for example, Internet Explorer, as soon as the application opens, battery charging indicator turns off, and "Plugged in, not charging" comes again. So the thing is I'm not able to use my computer for long periods of time, because it needs to be closed in order to recharge the battery. Any ideas???

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I started having the same problem and worse mine would shut off without warning either from the battery running down or even just plugged in without a battery.

I thought It might be overheating so I got a can of air and cleaned all of the vents...and downloaded core temp to monitor the cpu temp @ Same problem shut down and no charging even though it was running cool.

Finally I started changing settings and it seems to be working and charging just fine.

Here's the answer:
1. Set your power scheme to balanced
2. Open Toshiba Assistant from start
3. In Toshiba Assistant open CPU tab and set to low power.
4. When asked "restart now?" say no and shut it down using the start menu.
When you start it back up you will see the change.

Changing either one of these settings brings the problems back. I can't explain it.


I just can't afford another laptop right now.

P.S. even at low power my system works fine...It's a little slower @ start-up but otherwise good.

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Please remove the battery and use your laptop on ac alone. Please let me know if this allows you to work for a long time. If you are using Vista, you can also change the power settings in Start-Control Panel-Classic View-Power Options. Please try using each one of them and see if the same thing happens. Also check Toshiba Power Management. You can go there by typing it in the Search Bar from the Start Menu. If these did not work, it's a hardware problem. Hope this helps. Thank you.

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Solution: Check the A/C Jack in the motherboard. These connectors go bad due to pulls from power cable. The reason it charges for short periods is because the Jack is damage, or it needs to be re soldered to the motherboard.

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