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XP with 120Gb + HDD --> This one uses the inbuilt recovery software.
As soon as you power the unit on press alt +f10 repeatedly. This will state the recovery software up, from here as above select restore to factory settings

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Unlike other laptops, Acer laptops integrate a computer management utility called 'Acer eRecovery Management' to create backup of hard drive data, create restore point, reinstall applications & drivers, and reset Acer aspire one laptop to factory setting.

Step 1: Before starting your Acer one laptop, ensure that there is no external storage device attached to it. Now start your laptop.

Step 2: Press 'Alt + F10' when the laptop starts booting, and wait for a moment while Windows loads the reset files.

Step 3: When 'Acer eRecovery Management' window appears, select 'Restore System from factory default' and click 'Next' to continue.

Step 4: Again click 'Next' to reset your Acer laptop. This process will erase all data from your hard disk and reset your Acer one laptop to original factory settings.

Step 5: Click 'OK' in the notification window to begin the the resetting operation. Now wait while your Acer one laptop is reset to factory settings.

Tips: You can also create a backup copy of your laptop data before factory reset. Simply click 'Backup' in 'Acer eRecovery Management' window.

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If you are replacing or reinstalling the operating system you will need your installation disk. The installation disk will ask you if you want to format the drive before reinstalling. If you otherwise want to wipe the hard drive you can usually download tools for your hard drive manufacturer. Basically you cant format the drive thats currently being used. You have to boot from a CD.

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You didn't mention which version of (I assume Windows) you are using or are wanting to use.

Generally when you want to reformat the hard drive on a machine it involves re-installing the operating system also. A freshly formatted hard drive has nothing on it and so the computer won't boot.

Here is what you need to do:

You will need an installation disk for what ever version of Windows you plan to run.

Also you should have a drivers disk for your machine. This is not absolutely necessary but is by far the easiest way to deal with the drivers.

Place the Windows installation disk in the CD/DVD drive and reboot the machine. Read the messages provided on screen. When you get to the point where the installation program asks you if you want to create a new partition on your drive select yes. It will also allow you to delete the old partition. You want to choose that option and then install Windows in the new partition.

After the Windows installation is complete you will need to install drivers for your machine. If you have the drivers disk for your machine put it in the CD/DVD drive and select 'Install All Drivers' from the menu. (You can purchase a drivers disk for your machine from Acer, or elsewhere on the web.)

If you do not acquire a drivers disk for your machine you will have to download them one at a time from Acer. You may or may not be able to download them all.

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