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When I turn on the computer I get an error message that starts "The AC adapter type cannot be determined..."
- The green light on the adapter is on.
- When I ran the battery diagnostics, the adapter failed with a error code of 3600:0649.
- When I press the battery status light on the battery, none of the LEDs illuminate.
- I can power the computer with the adapter, but the battery will not recharge.
Is it the charger, the battery or something else.


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The Dell 1501 ac adapter (possibly other Dell’s as well) has been known to be problematic because of its lack of a plug to jack secure fit. You will notice that the plug can all too easily be pulled from the jack, as opposed to other systems where the plug fits more securely onto the jack. The plug and jack combination is poorly designed so that over time, the plug will come unseated depending on how much movement the machine is subjected to. This will result in power error messages or outright power-up failure. So before assuming you have a faulty adapter, make sure that it is not just a loose plug that is causing the problem. If you look inside the jack, you will notice that there is a 3mm region of non-conductive material nearest the surface of the jack. Use a strip of standard electrical tape 3mm wide and long enough and wrap it around the base of the plug (you may need more than one layer of tape to get a good fit). I have used this method to secure my plug and it has served me well. If the tape comes undone over time, just simply replace it. A more “elegant” method would be to use an “O” ring of the appropriate size (about 6mm) around the base of the plug in lieu of the tape.

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I had this problem, and luckily found from web blogs that neither replacing battery nor ac adaptor helped anybody - also that Dell were unhelpful. Took it into excellent KC Computers in Hastings, where they found the tiny pin on the charger plug (computer end) was bent flat. They've bent it back successfully, and have advised being very careful in future when plugging in. No problems since and it's lovely not to have that wretched message any more and to have a fully charged battery!
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It's the adapter. What's happening is the adapter is going out and isn't feeding enough power to the machine. It's feeding just enough to run it, but not enough run and charge the battery. Replace the adapter as soon as you can, this could cause damage to the machine or a component. Replace it with a Dell adapter, and do not replace it with a Targus universal adapter. The Targus adapters do not work with Dell machines. With that said, I'm assuming that your adapter is a Dell adapter. If it's a Targus, then there is your problem.

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