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I'm in a LDR as well and yes , working towards seeing each other is the best way to keep your relationship strong and communication , call her every once In a while ( not everyday ) but if you guys like to talk on the phone then once a day might even be better :) , my girlfriend works a lot so we don't talk a shit ton but we try and that's what makes or breaks a long distance relationship if both parties "try"
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Since this is the "adult" forum, I'll presume you're an adult & give you an adult answer:
If she's not sleeping in my bed every night, it's not much of a relationship.
Granted, there are adult couples that get separated due to work contracts or military deployments; but those are temporary & come after a relationship is well established.
If you're one of those who found someone via the Internet & THINK you have a romantic relationship in spite of hundreds of miles.... you're fooling yourself
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