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Me and a girl who had been talking for a while were hanging out with some friends watching a movie and we were together holding each other.. they left the room.. I was so distracted by her because I just liked her so much that she basically had to say "Did you want to ask me something" and I then said "oh right.. do you want to go out?" I am beating myself up over this only because we live about 40 minutes away from each other and hardly get to see each other so phrasing it like that just makes it very 'lame' in my opinion.. Is there a good way to redeem myself because I feel she is very disappointed... (we are both 16)

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The thelivepurple just posted a question about 12 minutes before you did, asking almost the inverse of what you are saying ("Not sure if it was a date or not...opinions anyone?") -- you might want to check it out... Either you two are playing a game on us ASK folks... or it is completely unrelated question... or it's the girl you're talking about. Hah.

Anyway, ask her, it never hurts.
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Maybe send her a well worded and sweet text or note? Honestly, I don't think it's anything to worry about. If she likes you enough to prompt you to ask her out, then she's probably pretty into you. No need to stress! Good luck.

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