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I'd just like to find out if a girl would gain weight in the days after having sex? Even though she had sex before but hasn't been sexually active for a couple of months until now? Would it be a slight gain but enough to be noticeable? What signs are there to know if she has been sexually active, by means of body language and appearance in general?

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Yeah, normally a girl would gain a couple pounds after every sexual intercourse - visible on the morning after - so couples with an active sex life usually end up dying from obesity.

The answers are No, No, No, Acting happy and the skin glowing (that's what they usually say!), but technically, there's no way of knowing.

In any case, if you're not close enough for you to be able to ask her such things, you probably shouldn't be worrying about her sexual life at all.
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No no no you're getting me all wrong here... I didn't ask if she would gain weight every time she has sex... Just asked in general now that she is sexually active again. And I am the one having sex with her so its not that I am snooping around in someone else's business!
Someone just commented on her physique and asked if we're having sex, so I wondered if it's a fact that she would show some signs... And I was just curious if there were any other ways of telling by looking at someone...
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