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The Agams Holdings Ltd was established as a holding company for a number of limited liability companies whose areas of operation are wide range. The companies are as follows:

ACI Construction &amp; Restoration

ACI Construction's and Restoration is a limited liability company engaged in the business of road construction and maintenance, coastal sanitation, civil and electrical engineering, plumbing, upper-end, luxury, ultra-modern real estate development and general sale and distribution of building materials. The company also engages in training and development in technical and vocational disciplines such as building and construction, civil engineering and general entrepreneurship. It has successfully executed a number of flagship projects across the country for government, private firms and individuals.

ACI Financial Services

ACI Financial Services (ACIFS) is a financial service company which specializes in the provision of tailor-made, short-term cash flow solutions to businesses, organizations and salaried working individuals. The main aim of this company is to provide an alternative to the traditional banking industry where small companies and individual financial needs cannot be met.
This company exists to serve the needs of individuals, contractors, indigenous traders, exporters, importers and trainees as well as business organizations or people not catered for by the traditional banks.

Asongtaba Cottage Industries &amp; Exchange Programme

Asongtaba Cottage Industries and Exchange Programme specializes in the provision of youth training in specialized and economically critical trade and vocations in Ghana. The company also offers consultancy services to public institutions, private entities and NGOs. The areas of specialty include corporate training and capacity-building, organizational reforms and restructuring, change management among others.

CraftsPro Ltd.

This subsidiary of the AGAMS Group deals in the export and sale of African craft and musical instruments. As part of its mandate, CraftsPro undertakes youth vocation training and development specializing in carving, weaving, beading and pottery. At CraftsPro, we combine local artistic technologies with talent to generate innovative and creative skills for our trainees in the arts and crafts industry. Core to the CraftsPro business is the use of local technology to help our trainees gain financial freedom.

EMG Multimedia Group

Evolution Multimedia is the subsidiary of AGAMS Group dedicated to and consulting on event management, marketing communications, creative solutions, media buying, and radio & TV operations.

MARA Trading

MARA Trading is mainly into trading of goods and merchandise including communication gadgets. The company is also actively engaged in procurement of goods and services, sourcing, property scouting and general supply chain management. Currently, it acts as the procurement arm for the AGAMS GROUP of Companies.

Danuma Oil Fields Ltd.
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