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New to this forum but need some advice so thanks in advance for any wisdom.

Firstly let me be clear, I have only ever slept with two girls as the first was a 4 year relationship however I have no issue getting someone home with me and I am very sexually confident most of the time. (I get good reviews on yelp you could say)

But the other night I was at a bar with friends, one of the girls I have had tension with for a while got a little drunk and confessed her cursh etc, next thing I know she is all over me and we are making out/fooling around behind the bar. Now I had just gotten out of a the 4 year relationship about a month ago and although I quite often have the chance I had never done the one night stand thing. So me being a nice guy/pussy stopped the girl and got in my car and left before things got out of hand (shes a friend and all)

I get home and my phone rings (its her) "Whats your address, I am on my way to .... you"

Again I felt pretty awkward as I normally date first but I also wanted her to stop driving because she was drunk, so I told her and said come over.

As soon as she gets through the door its on like donkey kong and I honestly just couldn't clear my head because it was so sudden. One thing lead to another and this is where I need the advice haha....

In my humble opinion I am a decent lay, I am large, I'm athletic (ish aha) and I have never had an issue making a girl come through sex or anything out.

NOW, when I wen't to sleep with this girl I honestly just couldn't do it. It was half because we had no condom and I was worried but more so because she was just so so so super horny. I mean this girl was telling me "be prepaired I am going to squirt all over you" and **** like "Choke me" "pull my hair"

Now I am all for being hot and heavy but I have to be honest, I was intimidated, we fooled around, I wen't down on her (sure enough a squirter) and she went down on me but I couldn't come... (she assumed this was because I didn't find her hot which was really annoying)

Basically she scared my dick limp with being to over the top.

I really like this girl and I am turned on by her sexuality but like I said I always date first and this was just to much to fast for me.

Can you guys offer any advice on how to approach the topic with her?

Like, I know I will probably be into all the same **** as her but I have never been a rough sorta guy and feel like I will still be scared limp the next time we sleep together.

Whats the best way to learn to be rough? How do I avoid getting to caught up in my head to ****?

(sum it up, I want to date her but she scared my penis)

Thanks again for listening to my stupid worries and offering your advice

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lol, boy, you should be prepared to FUCK HER, after all, you love her, so if she get pregnant you will take care of the baby, because sex will lead to offspring that is the essence of sex, if you do not want offspring masturbate at if you want to be akola bone and go around sleeping with girls then you need to he hardcore how can you say you can't do it, you b jon waa, next time you ppl to should do doggy, and penetrate inside till you can go again, then u push it again, once you enter inside the pressure will come down, if you are still afraid you can holla me i will fuck her for you, i will fuck her saaa, she will leave you and come to me, and anytime i am fucking her i will call you and make you listen,okay so this one it is not a problem, its good you came here..

You are jon, goto church akola bone sem is not for you, you scared what out of her,  that opportunity will never come again, she will rather tell you to send her your penis and she will send it to her friends, you are fool to think you are on your game, go to church and give your life to god

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lol first of all you are a very good narrator my friend that I have to say. Well I think to make things better next time you need to have a condom first as this was one of your worries while having her around. That will save you so much trouble. Secondly you need your full confidence. I think you could have done better rough but this was all a surprise and new to you but now you know what to expect so it wont be as bad. You can buy or hire porn to learn as well explain to the people in store what exactly are you looking for and they will help you. Wish you all the best.
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Not every time you find a girl like her, why be intimidated? If given the choice I would act like a baby and let your girl do the thing, but always make sure that you are giving her the satisfaction she needs, you and your *** need to stand up like a man for this kind of girl. she rocks!
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