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So my new boyfriend and I have been dating, not too long, but we've known each other forever (we've been best friends for 8 years) and have never done anything sexual with each other before. I kind of initiated things and things moved from the living room into the bedroom. Things are getting started, he gets me naked, he gets down to his boxers, we engaged in some foreplay and then BAM, he gets up and is like, "I'll be back." He leaves to the bathroom for like ten minutes and finally comes back. We get going again and then he gets a text message (it's 1:30 AM) and he hurriedly picks up his phone and leaves AGAIN for about 20 minutes! At that point I realized nothing was going to happen, so I put my underwear and bra back on, and when he finally comes back again he just starts putting his clothes on and grabbing his stuff. He just tells me he has to leave and won't even look at me. I, of course, felt really awkward and embarrassed and was like, "Okay...?" I asked him if I'd done something wrong and he just pursed his lips and said no. He left and I just sat there feeling really embarrassed and confused as to what just happened. Any ideas???

Note: We've had sex before, just not with each other.

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I strongly suggest you talk about this with him in a neutral environment ( a cafe, while out on a walk etc) but private enough for this discussion to be for the two of you. Another question you both have to answer is that of purpose: what is the purpose of your relationship?
All the best
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I find this to be very disturbing, why would he leave the room to talk to his phone and come back telling you he is leaving without letting you know what is it that is so urgent. You need cto sit him down and ask him about this, only he have the answers
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