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Good morning!! Ok so basically I know that anyone whose read my other questions knows about the guy I am talking to who pretty much mentioned babies and marriage a week into us just talking. Well I mean I'm not ready to totally give up on him yet because I like the attention, and I just like having someone who I could potentially have sex with. The other issue with him is he is constantly like pressuring me to have sex with him... I kind of feel like you should be in a relationship before you have sex but he literally asked me yesterday if I wanted him to have sex with me today even though I have told him that I want a relationship even a first date before that... I hate coming off as a prude and I mean I am a virgin. I am starting to think I should just have sex with this guy because I am 21 and a virgin and I don't have like a TON of offers... I really hate being an old virgin it's like annoying so idk I mean should I just do it?? I mean he is nice to me and he does want to date, he just doesn't want to wait for sex.

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Never let anyone pressure you into anything. I date for weeks before any sexual activity. If he's worth it he will wait. Pressuring you for sex before a relationship would send up warning flags to me. (Control freak) If he doesn't respect you enough to wait he isn't going to respect you after he gets his way either. I'd run from that situation.
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