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When women consider what men want from them in a relationship, they sometimes grow frustrated or even angry. This may stem from what a woman believes a man wants, however, as opposed to what he really wants.

In writing for the online publication "Power to Change," life coach Rinatta Paries describes her personal investigation as revealing that both genders essentially want the same things. Contrary to their reputations for being uncommunicative, most men desire to be with a woman who can tell it like it is, communicate with kindness and honesty, and yet convey her feelings with confidence.

Men desire fidelity and a commitment to a relationship. They do not want women who look at other men when they are out. They want to feel they are the only one a woman wants.

Like women, men are also interested in finding a loving relationship. Men want to love a woman, and they want to be loved in return.
Physical Appearance

While it is true that men look for physical attractiveness, it does not mean a lady has to be a model. Men enjoy the company of someone who cares about her appearance, however, and they appreciate a lady who dresses attractively.
Support System

Men want women who are intelligent, feminine, have a sense of humor and who will support them in their daily lives. When things get tough, they need someone who will be there for them.

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