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In my relationship sometimes I feel that the person I'm with cares about that more then the love itself. I never truly gave sex an important stamp on love with another, only emotions and time well spent. Sometimes when I'm with the person I am with now I feel that since sex is becoming an issue our relationship itself will suffer too.

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I would agree if you clearly need other things a lot more than just sex. These are the things we judge compatibility by, and its important to share these feelings and concerns with your partner, to get things in the open, and agreements and boundaries can be reached. If they can.

Yes a relationship can be ruined when both partners are not on the same page, not just about sex, but other areas as well.
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Wrong terminology, sex. In a compatible monogamous relationship 'intimacy' enhances a relationship. Is is a way of finding out just how together you both are. If the 'intimacy' doesn't work, feeling comfortable in your own skins together (and I do mean that literally) then forget it, nothing else will balance it out.
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