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So I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 months. The love bomb has not been exploded but he has no temptation in telling me he doesn't love me. I have not said anything like "I love you" or any hint towards it, but sometimes he thinks I am saying it when I'm just telling him I am happy with him. So when someone shouts out "I DON'T LOVE YOU" am I wasting my time or is it because he's not actually ready to love me.. SO confused?

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You've dated only 4 months... NOBODY loves someone at 4 months... they might be deeply in LUST with them... but lust and love are very different things. Love usually takes years to grow as in multiple years. Lust will fade by then.
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He doesn't love you, and doesn't want you to love him. Yes you are wasting your time with this very rude fellow. Why would you even date such a clod that has no consideration for your feelings?
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