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Ok I had a horrible break up almost two months ago now, we were together just over a year. Things were great until last July when I found out she was talking with her ex. We talked about it and decided to stay together. To make a really long story shorter I caught her two more times talking to her ex, but once again we worked it out. Also I should say she has a past with drugs, something I was uncomfortable with but accepted. So things were pretty good up until March of this year. That's when she started acting different and I was let's just say never really past the whole her talking to her ex situation, so I wasn't the same person I was when we first met. I paid for rent, bills, food etc. The entire relationship which also changed how I acted towards her, I suspected I was being used but pushed that feeling aside since I loved her.

Anyway towards the end of April, the 18th to be exact we got into a fight and she told me she wanted to take a break, I told her OK I understand. Then the next day I asked her that morning if we were still taking that break, she said yes it will be good for us. So I left for the day, ended up stupidly texting an ex of mine, realized it was something I didn't want to do so I never replied to her message back. Then that night she tells me she doesn't want to take that break, that she still loves me. So we had a heart to heart talk for hours, which is when she asked me if I had talked to anyone or texted anyone, I lied and said no. :/ Then Sunday was a great day, everything seemed to be OK and back to normal.

That Monday she had my phone (she needed it for work) and my ex texted me. By the time I got home she had already packed her things and left. I tried contacting her and she never replied. Then to make matters way worse I went to where she was staying and for my sake I'll just say I got into some legal trouble. No I didn't lay a hand on her. But since then I have heard nothing from her.

So my question is do I need to just accept what happened and move on? Or is there ANY chance she'll take me back at some point?

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No one can tell you what to do.And you should not let anyone lead you one way or the other. Especially about this type of situation. You must follow your heart. And sometimes that leads to a very painful experience. What you must remember is that a relationship is similar to a house. It must be built from the ground up. If the foundation is not solid the house will falter, it may not fall but it will lean and twist and moan and groan. Its walls will never be straight and the floors will always be un-level. Any issue at the conception of construction will only grow and multiply as time goes on.
My father once told me , If they do it to you once, they'll do it to you again and time heals all wounds.
Good luck.
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With all that drama why would you want to get back together with her?

You knew each other a year and you were already living together? I am guessing that you didn't know each other well enough to make it work. My partner and I have been together almost 3.5 years. But we didn't live together until we knew each other inside and out, and that was after 2 years of dating. There's no set time table, but if you are going to make a huge move of moving in together, then you need to know that person well.

Don't settle. As the previous poster said, time does heal. And you can help make that happen. Call your friends to go out, get exercise, go for a walk and appreciate the beauty, and keep your mind focused on other things. You will slowly but surely start to move forward.
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You had doubts right from the beginning.

She had doubts of some kind, because she contacted her ex.

Then, you contacted your ex, immediately after a break up.

The next day you lie about that, and the relationship starts up again.

Then she finds out, what you found out about her, that you were texting your ex.

Now you are in legal trouble for still trying to make a dead relationship work.

Yes, leave her alone. It's over. I imagine further contact with her will land you in more legal trouble, if not in jail.
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