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I am a college freshman and am involved with a girl that I like. We have had sex and I have asked her to date me, but she keeps telling me she does not want to be in a relationship with me because she lusts for me. She has told me she likes me, but doesn't want to date me for the wrong reasons. Should I move on or just wait?

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Move on. You want a relationship and she doesn't. Not only is this going to remain frustrating for you if you have feelings for her that she doesn't reciprocate, but it also puts your health at risk. She's telling you she doesn't want a relationship, but she's sleeping with you. If you're smart you will recognize she's sleeping with other people, too. And do that enough on a college campus and you will end up in health services with an embarrassing, burning problem that will need medical attention. Not worth it. Do you have any idea how many girls are within 100 yards of you on a college campus who are looking for a guy who DOES want a committed relationship? Be done with this girl - kind and friendly but totally done - and go fishing, my friend.
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Well I LIKE her, I'm sprung on her and my situation is hard on because I am shy and it is difficult for me to meet new people. And I'm positive she isn't sleeping with anyone else because I am with her every night and usually stay the night in her dorm. We were eachothers first and have only had sex twice but I feel like I put more emotion into it than she did. I don't want to move on because I really like her but I feel like its what I should do because she keeps dicking me around. I have told her very bluntly that if she doesn't want to be with me than I will move on but she won't give me an answer. She has guy friends that have told her like her but she doesn't do anything with them. I feel special because I'm who she's always with and I'm the one she had sex with but I want more than a booty call. I would never cheat on her because I am too insecure of losing her and being alone. But I don't want to move on. I want to wait a couple of weeks and see where we stand. If it's the same then I definitely will move on.

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