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She Sleeps in the day and only wakes up in the afternoon,
Complaints about health,work and life,
Can't get a job because she is says she is overqualified,
Always knows everything and correct everyone,
Argue on every single point,
Always thinks she is so beautiful,
Made used of inside out time and again and still have an ego as big as Mars ,
Always wants to be right even when wrong,
Always blames others but never her self,
Always only wants but when she gives she will take it back,
Needs to be praised on every thing,
Hangs out till wee hours of the morning with her friends and it's only one sided,
Loves talking to other guys , but I can't let go as I love her ?

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You have to ask, don't be naive, this lady has serious issues. I know a lady with some of these traits, hasn't worked a day in her life now she has a child and doesn't look after it properly. Cut your losses and move on
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Only one question: WHY do you love her?
I'll bet you have no idea, and don't even really know what love is.
I'll bet that you have a bad case of wanting HER to love YOU, and to show it, and you won't give up until you have 'conquered' her. There are many variations on the conquering theme that go back to the cave man.

There are many situations where we can't leave until we get what we need or want. A classic example is the unloved adult child who doesn't leave home until he finally gets the love he craves. Which of course he never gets.
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An aside, this sounds like a song. I short answer is no.

Which could be a reason that she:

Does she just complain or does she actively do anything about it? IE exercise, change diet. Change friends. Change clothes.

Um... Which means that she things she should have a job that she's not qualifed for and won't lower herself to work jobs she is qualifed for.

And we all love a know it all, but is she always right?

Which means she probably isn't always right and won't give up her vision of what is right even when she realizes that she's wrong.

Is she? Most people are beautiful, but if that is the corner stone of her personality then she has some serious self-esteem/self image issues.

I don't understand. The ego the side of mars I do. Becareful because you'll forever be in her shadow.

See above. Arrogance and lack of humility.

Again... She's can't do any wrong, and when she does it isn't her fault.

Yes, Selfish that's what you want in a wife. What is hers is hers and what is yours is also hers.

See self-esteem/self image issues.

Hence her staying asleep until the afternoon and the poor health/work/life.

The harsh reality is that love isn't enough and there is so much more. I think you found someone that is compatible with you and stuck with her because she hasn't thrown you away yet. I think you should run. Fast. I don't think she's marriage and not even dating material. You can do so much better and I believe that she's more interested in having a Yes-Man than a boyfriend/husband.
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To be direct, wife material? I would highly doubt. Unless you want a lazy wife that does nothing but consume your resources without bringing anything to the table.
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