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My boyfriend is 11 years older than I am. We have been together over 2 years now. When we first began dating he was intimate. He was going through a divorce but he seemed OK. After the divorce was final he started backing off on the sex more and more. However he did look at porn all the time.

Last year after begging and begging for sex I was at my wits end. He swore he wasn't looking at porn. I got on his computer and found lots of porn pics and even nude pics of his ex wife. I wanted to scream. I wrote a note and swallowed 3 full bottles of prescription pills. I wanted to end it all. I felt like I would never look like the women he masturbates to. He found me having a seizure and called 911. We talked and had a little counseling. Since then we haven't had sex once. This incident has been nearly a year ago.

When I asked why he says it was this: About a month before I attempted suicide I had a tampon lodged. I had to have him help me remove it. He says this really bothered him and he can't get that image out of his head. This comes from someone who was an EMT for years and who has witnessed the birth of his two children. What should I do?

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Your reactions to his behavior are extreme and over the top. Suicide is never the answer, and I seriously suspect his tampon excuse is to avoid a repeat performance by you. There are many other more serious issues here I think besides the obvious lack of sex.

You need to find them and deal with them, and stop assuming he was fine with his past when you met him. Lack of sex is usually just a symptom of a greater problem that needs addressing in other areas of the relationship. If it can't be resolved together then you have no choice but to be apart.

You sorely need some honest communications between you.
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I agree that the suicide attempt scared him so much that he will never have sex with you again and you might as well break up. How can he have sex with a woman who freaks out so extremely over pictures that she might do it again?
I am always puzzled by people who beg for sex anyway. If you want something from someone and they don't want to give it to you, you move on. You aren't tied to him by children or poverty - what IS keeping you there?

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