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I can't stop thinking about sex. I have a girlfriend and she doesn't seem like she is getting the job done. I know that its wrong but I sometimes look at porn. I can't stop thinking about sex. My girlfriend is not into sex like me. I don't want to go and find someone to get the job done but I'm not happy. What to do? I have been in a relationship for 1.5 years now. I am 19.
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2 Answers

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Well, you mature, that's what you do. If you're only in it for the sex and your girlfriend isn't doing it for you then break up and move on. If you love more about her than just sex, then you act like a responsible adult and realize that getting sex from somewhere else is not the answer.
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I think that is why men masturbate often, and of course you think about it, but do not let it control you. And if you are having sex once or twice a week, and to be honest, you will soon be without it, since your girlfriend wants romance and to spend her time dating, not acting like a hooker for you.

And no need for porn, why do you feel you need that ?