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So I've been hooking up with this guy for almost 2 years on and off.. I want more than just sex from him but I know that's all he wants from me and apart if me is okay with that but at the same time I'm not.. we hook up at least twice a week and I love it!. but I don't like that I wake up and he's gone.. we're supposed to be friends with benefits but it seems like its just benefits.. I want someone who will tell me I'm beautiful and be here when I wake up and I know he isn't willing to do that.. I want to cut him out of my life but I can't make myself do it because I enjoy the sex so much.. so I guess what I'm asking.. does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this more than just sex or is that all were ever going to be..

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A late comment, but what do you honestly expect? Friends with benefits is a good idea, but is often hard to properly manage because someone, as you are, often is getting emotionally attached to the other in the agreement. He just wants to get his winky wet. You want something more. You don't want a FWB arrangement, you want a significant other. That's fine. What hurts is that you're expecting him to feel the same way. Which he obviously doesn't. You're expecting him to have developed the same feelings you did and he didn't. That is probably the part that hurts.

I don't know what your intentions were when you first started this arrangement. I don't what your secret intentions or hopes were either. I don't know if you expecting this to turn out differently or not. The problem is now that you know that this isn't going to turn into a relationship. It is really sounding like you're more in the market for a relationship instead of a FWB. I would suggest either terminating this arrangements or lowering your expectations to his. You're also going to to figure out your emotional needs and find that outlet as well. That's going to be the hard part.

I am also assuming that you've also had the protection/STI talk with him so I won't go into that.

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