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Hello I am fed up with people not understanding me because I do not want children, no marriage boyfriends or girlfriends. I do not want to be in any relationship I just want to be a doctor specialising in the digestive system and go to university look after my mother and family. I do not need a new family. Why people do not understand I like my skirt long not revealing my knees and I am uncomfortable with personal questions as people always judge me and do not understand I want a different life then others. I am not like other girls who want kids and a husband.
Update : I am tired of people criticizing me because I want to live with my mum all my life and support her financially not because I am lazy and not want to work so why am i criticized constantly?
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Well there are lots of people like you who are career focused but you're just unlucky in meeting them.
People will always have a hard time understanding people with different ideologies and will always find it strange.
But this irritation they cause you is not out of hate but out of concern as to them being career focused may seem unhealthy, so don't let it bother you and be happy that they are concerned about you.
My personal advice is for you to meet new people and make new friend, also go on some casual date (dates that are not serious and are done to see if relationships interest you).
Doing these shouldn't effect your schedule and should be done just to experience new things and improve the personality.
Hope this helped..!
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So, you are a Capitalist and feminist, who believes in being celibate and who has no interest in Conservative culture. I think people can understand you, they just don't agree with you. You aren't going to convince you that you are living your life "correctly", your best bet is to avoid these people and accept that they do not subscribe to your ideas of life. Yes, your life will lead to the end of your genes being passed down, but why is that important? We have an overpopulation problem as it is, your celibacy is the goal to depopulation in the United States! Preach on! Why do women need men anyways?!?!?