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He has taken me back after finding out I cheated on him with 2 men when I was on drugs for 6 months and I lied about having cancer to cover up being high. I have once relapsed since he took me back after he forgave me the 1st time. Now he knows everything since I came clean, he acts so paranoid and never believes anything I say even when I tell the truth. I have been nothing but honest for the past year. And also been clean. My drug use is from my sexual abuse from the time I was 5-16 from my mom's boyfriends most of my life and my mom abused me since she was/is a drug addict. How can I regain his trust again? I really love him and want to save our marriage.

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Well, it's safe to say he's been pretty forgiving it seems to me.
You know, I might be wrong, but the way I see it, if he trully loves you, and if you love him too, with time, things might feel okay again. Just try to do little things here and then, to try and prove to him that he can trust you, but don't push him, it's normal he's the way he is after what you put him through. Try and talk about it, communication is important in any kind of relationship!
And keep on fighting for his love. That's all I can say. Sorry if it doesn't help.
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Honey, first I congratulate you on your sobriety. I too am a 25 yr. sober alcoholic. Know too well how it is to STAY clean & sober, GOOD for you. Just that alone should show him, tell him you ARE being honest with him. Possibly some counselling would be of help to you two. I've done a lot of counselling in my day, believe in them 100%. THIS just could be what it would take to be of help to you. Just ask him if he'll go WITH you for just a couple sessions, not a lot. I feel that just may be of help to you. Hopefully he'll agree to it the next time you start to have I wish you the best, honey...:)

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