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Married 2 and a half months. She says that she isn't in the mood, but as soon as I leave, she's looking up porn and masturbating. I know what she does on her own time is her own private business, but I don't take rejection easily and think it is affecting our relationship. She gets mad and accuses me of invading her privacy and puts the blame on me.

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The question to ask yourself here is are you a selfish lover?. If you primarily have sex so you get off and you do not care about getting her to a orgasm this is being selfish. If you have never gotten your wife to an orgasm either by using your penis or other ways this could be why she does this. You need to talk to her find out why she does this express to her that it hurts your feelings cause she is always refusing you sex than does this while your at work. You have no reason to be upset actually be happy she is doing this and not calling a neighbor fellow out to the house for a shagging. Why would you be jealous so she rubs herself while watching porn what most men on the planet do reg. married or single. Sex has many issues that woman just do not want to deal with including urinary tract infections, it's messy, it smells, and than of course throw pregnancy in the mix. Maybe your wife is concerned about getting pregnant have you talked babies?. I hope you have since your already married and found out if she wants them or not?. Masturbation is normal fact of life and many people are very private about it.
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Make it clear that her behavior is damaging the relationship, and you'll be happy to get into couples counseling with her, because the current situation is not working. It's fine for her to self pleasure. It's not okay for her to prefer doing it over having sex with you.
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maybe she's into something she is sort of embarrassed by, but that gets her off. I know this is kind of intrusive but is it any specific kind of porn? maybe ask her if she wants to talk about it and maybe you two can openly discuss it. ask her if she wants to share her desires with you, if you'd be up for trying them out.

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