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What qualities In a man should I look for to decide if he is the right one for me and someone I can spend my life with??????
The man I am with cheated on me in the past and has lied to me. I am so torn apart to decide if I can spend the rest of my life with him

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You need someone that compliments your qualities. If your quality is faithfulness and exclusivity to each other, then you need a man who agrees that this is important.

I would say follow your heart first and then determine their integrity and their motive. Read the things between the lines and ask if you are reading properly. That's all you can do.
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You will NEVER know if someone is the right one!!
We fool ourselves into thinking that we all have the answers about love and "THE RIGHT ONE" when really we don't even know if we are the right one for who we are asking about.
People change and that is a fact!! Some for the better, some for the worst!!
The question is, when you change will you still love "THE RIGHT ONE", & when he changes, or you change, will he still Love You? Will his family like you, will your family like him? Start there...!
Sorry, but this is the truth!
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you seem to be unsure of yourself why would you consider a man who could write you off and disrespect you so easily i guess i love different then most i would rather die than to give my woman the impression that she was not my everything i dont throw my emotions out there as a joke if i said it i meant it and i'll die to represent it if your unsure of your standing in your mans mind at all times then you dont have the right man or even a man at all he's bound to use you over and over again find and maintain a higher standing for yourself your much better than your presenting yourself
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