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So there is this guy that I've liked since the beginning of the school year. He is new to the school but so far he seems like a really great person. He's cute,funny, charming, muscular, he also plays both football and wrestling and I think he does track during the spring. I am really shy and never had a boyfriend before because of that so when I told my best friend that I like this guy she immediately told him because she knew I was too scared to so he wouldn't know even though I told her not to. Surprisingly he told her that he likes me too, so since then he and I started talking a lot until I took advice from my best friend, she told me to play really hard to get and that would make him like me even more. So I did just that, he invited me on two dates and I regretfully declined, I kinda started ignoring him because that's what my friend told me to do. She always had short and bad relationships but I still took her advice because she did manage to get into relationships. So today I saw him flirting with another girl so I asked him How could he be flirting with another girl if he likes me. He responded saying he no longer likes me because I started acting b1tchy and stuckup and he doesn't want to be with someone like that. I'm honestly like that how can I get him to like me again?

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You already blew it, sorry. Why would you want to play hard to get? That's stupid. If you liked him an he asked you out, you should have went out with him. Now he's over you an he'll go out with other girls an make them happy an you'll probabily be alone forever. You lose.
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Just keep being nice and be yourself. Focus on improving your life and becoming someone you are proud of. Let time show you if he will like you again and don't be so caught up worrying about one dude that you don't notice the ones who do appreciate you.
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