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I'm a 15 year old girl, and I know a young man around the ages 30 - 35. He's a single father and he's kid loves me. Sometimes, when I sit in the park alone, he comes and sits next to me and we talk. It's not awkward or creepy at all, we can relate to a lot of things and he gives great advice. We sometimes even play games together. We do not talk about, or do anything inappropriate. And no, I don't have some kind of crush on him or he to me.

Some of my friends think it's bad and tell me I should stop, but he seems fine to me. My parents don't know because I think they would stop me from going to the park if they found out. I act mature for my age and I prefer talking to older people because I understand them more.

So, I was wondering, is this weird? All answers will be appreciated. Thanks :)

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of course your parents are going to stop you if they find out, otherwise, why would you keep it a secret from them? how would you feel in the future if your 15 year old daughter was going to the park to hang out with someone twice her age, and you weren't aware of it? It's weird. His kid's can get along with you and stuff but again think about how bad it looks to other people. If something ever did go wrong, you don't know what his intentions with you are, it would end very badly. You're underage. It's okay to act mature for your age, believe me it's fine, but just because you act mature, doesnt make it okay
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