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To clear things up I'm already married through the court house. Got married in 2012 when I was 20. In my culture its pretty common to get married through the court & then have a wedding ceremony through church and a reception when you have the means. We set a date for our church wedding in august. My parents believe that we are living in sin and that we are fornicating because we haven't wedd through church. They believe my husband and I must be baptized in the name of Jesus for it to count. They said if he does not get baptized by then they will not support our sinning and fornication. Now my question is . isn't it only fornication if your not married at all? Should I beg them to come or just let it be. The chances of my husband getting baptized in less than a year are pretty slim right now.
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Fornication is sexual activity without the benefit of marriage...legally speaking you two are married therefore this does not apply.

The problem is, you have two people, your father especially, who have the mindset that if the marriage does NOT take place in a church with a religious ceremony, then the legal/government/state ceremony does not count. There is nothing you can do about this. Their views on baptism further complicates.

What your parents are doing is wrong...I assume you are in the USA, yes? If so, this country was founded on religious freedom. As adults, you both have the right to your own beliefs...unfortunately your parents think what they believe takes priority even over the belief of someone they did NOT raise (your Fiance) and they are using emotional black mail to get what they want.

If you give in not only will you be permitting the emotional blackmail, you will be acting hypocritical as you will be participating in something you do not believe in and no church wants that....

I would simply tell them you are disappointed they will not be there and go ahead with your plans. You are too old for your parents to dictate to you, and they should be respecting your choices as you are an adult...they have no right to expect your Fiance to 'fall in line' with their belief either...he is not their son. Let it be.

edit: they need to go back to their Bible and read The Book Of Ruth...she left her people/religion for her late husband's & mother in law's...not the other way 'round. Says it all. They have it backwards as far as your husband is concerned.
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your parents are totally incorrect....sounds like they may be catholic. but the bible never in any place declares that people need to marry in a church. in fact, in bibical times, there were no such things as church weddings. all weddings were civil matters and done outside the church.

what it does say about marriage is that a believer is not to be unequally yoked together with an unbeliever and it says that in order to avoid fornication, people need to get married. so you are not fornicators if you are legally married.

forget the whole sham of a church wedding. you are already married so what priest or minister is going to marry people who are already married. maybe a blessing ceremony, but you cannot be married when you are already married, no matter what your culture says. if they do it, they are wrong.

if you mean that you went and registered in the registry office as married and now want to have a ceremony, that is a different matter. but if you already said vows at the registry office, then you are legally married and don't need to do anything else. God said that we are to live by the laws of the place where we live.